I-DEAL SOLUTIONS, your Outsourcing Business Partner

I-DEAL Solutions has reached high levels expertise in the foreign markets business strategy advisory. Our team is formed exclusively by experts with a solid acumen to deliver our clients with the best results, convert decisions to actions, and achieve goals they desire. We work to convert consultancy into real support for entrepreneurs.

Export check-up and orientation to export as the first steps to evaluate foreign market opportunities.

Why I-DEAL solutions

The internationalization of companies: many reasons to choose a unique partner

Thanks to our partnership we operate across geographies, choosing countries with the greatest growth potential. I-DEAL Solutions works in different sectors and markets, providing strategic support for customer’s internationalization and abroad value creation.

Our approach

A unique partner able to lead your company along an entire internationalization path: from evaluation of foreign market opportunities to markets research insights, from operational plan to its implementation.

A young and dynamic team

High development potential in an agile and multidisciplinary team with a consolidated professional and managerial experience offers full range of expertise, available at domestic or foreign offices.

Uniform methodologies and standards

A multinational team aimed to deliver high quality standard services by integrating and enhancing each individual skill in a unique professional context.

Overseas locations

Our customers take advantage of the operational and strategic control directly in place.

Market and functional specialization

Our team provides an access to an extensive pool of major markets knowledge - whether this is the understanding of customers' needs, the business environment or the methods.


At I-DEAL, we follow a unique three stage process that enables us to create value and provide services that exceed our customers' expectations

- Establishing contact between your organization and our team. At this stage our expert will perform an EXPORT CHECK UP in order to set up the objectives, resources and to evaluate the export opportunities.

- Understanding of your business potential and a foreign market orientation. At this stage you will be given with the EXPORT ORIENTATION analysis.

- Deciding on pricing and signing agreements. PRELIMINARY STRATEGIC PROPOSAL will be created and submitted.