Get ready to face the new market


Analysis: Business audit for export (or import) • Orientation • Strategic Plan

• Setting objectives basing on evaluation of companies’ recourses
• Evaluation of a foreign market opportunities for customers products
• Internationalization process possibility evaluation basing on the product / structure balance, Market entry demand studies
• Market / Price Research insights
• Market analysis and profiling
• Commercial strategy and the international marketing plan definition
• Brand management strategy definition (in case of launching new products)
• Partner search (for import or export) and investors (private or venture capital)
• Strategic Plan, Investment Plan and Financial Requirement definition

Operational phase development (Export)

• Taking the first concrete steps on the identified target markets, using the most appropriate tools, defined in the Strategic Plan
• Searching for and selecting new contacts (including diplomatic contacts) and distribution channels
• Launching business relationships
• Creating a first commercial distribution / import/ third parties structure on defined markets
• Expanding market presence and the distribution network
• Improving distribution/ agent network management

Internationalization process management

• Financial management assistance: new credit lines , export contributions and financing, investment funds, financial partners (financial management can also support the import)
• Back office / customer service assistance (export / import)
• Legal drafting, Customs documentation / duties/ licensing and property rights assistance
• Linguistic support (English, Slovak, Polish, Russian, etc.) - export / import
• Internationalization project management and coordination involving a Temporary Export Manager (TEM) service