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EIB Loans

European Investment Bank loans are ordinary medium-long term loans provided by the European Investment Bank at favorable conditions. The Bank recognizes that the beneficiary of the loan has a reduction in the interest rate that would otherwise be unenforceable.

EXPORT Advances

Anticipation subject to the successful completion of short-term trade receivables from foreign customers. The credit can be represented by invoices, documents, contracts etc .. This product allows the exporter to cash in advance a credit towards abroad. The advance payment can take place in euros or foreign currency.

IMPORT Financing

Import financing is used to finance goods being exported from one country and imported into another country. The bank immediately pays the foreign supplier and simultaneously lends a loan to the importer that will be repaid at the agreed date. The loan can be made in euros or foreign currency.

'Export Letter of Credit' on a non-recourse basis

Export LC Bill discounting is a transaction-specific financing arrangement between the client and the financer. The exporter receiving an export credit letter with deferred payment can collect the credit before the payment deadline expires.
• grant payment extensions to foreign customers, obtaining at the same time the net proceeds on sight
• obtain liquidity without having to use the available lines of credit
• eliminate, at a discount, the exchange rate risk
• consider the supply, for the part object of discount, fully collected and cancel it from the accounting items relating to the receivables to be collected
• obtain better rate conditions than those that would be applied to other forms of financing.

'Import Letter of Credit' on a non-recourse basis

An importer agrees with a foreign supplier the payment by the letter of credit with deferral to 60, 90, 180 days (or other expiry date), so can propose to the counterpart the bank advance. In practice, the importer pays the letter of credit at the agreed date and the supplier receives the payment on sight. Benefits for the importer are: obtaining longer payment extensions and offering the buyer to collect the supply on sight, avoiding his bank financing.

SACE policy transfer non-recourse sale
Machinery, plants, etc exporter stipulating a policy with Sace, covers the risk of non-payment and can monetize the insured credits on non –recourse basis. The transaction takes the form of the transfer of the policy to the bank, which will carry out the non-recourse discount of the promissory notes issued by the foreign buyer. The main advantage for the exporter is granting important payment extensions to the buyer and the ability to discount on sight.

International Factoring

International factoring serves as export insurance. One of the greatest advantages of export and import factoring is that it allows exporters to trade on open account terms without risk.
• preventive evaluation of both acquired and potential foreign customers
• constant monitoring of customer performance
• Protection against credit losses on foreign customers
• Accelerated cash flow through faster collections.